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Marcus Stuyvesant was the patriarch of the Stuyvesant Family and one of the Partners of Providence.

He is one of the three secondary antagonists of the World of Assassination trilogy, being one of the three overarching antagonists in HITMAN™ 2 and one of the four secondary antagonists in HITMAN™ III. He is one of the targets in the HITMAN™ III mission On Top of the World.


The Stuyvesant family is of Dutch-German origin.

Their earliest known ancestors were violin-builders in 18th century Rotterdam. Moving to Bavaria where they became successful merchants, they eventually settled in New York and established an empire in REAL ESTATE and BANKING. At one point, they owned 15% of all property on Manhattan, competing with the Astor Family as the “landlords of New York.” They also cultivated an image as patrons of the arts and sciences, donating museum and university wings all over New England.

During their heyday in the late 19th and early 20th century, the Stuyvesants were counted among the five richest families in the world and, like most powerful clans in the age of rogue capitalism that followed the industrial revolution, they were essentially robber barons. They made a fortune off King Leopold II’s atrocities in the Congo, cynically exploited the fallout of the great depression (which they managed to dodge) and maintained lucrative trade deals with despots throughout the 20th century, such as Pinochet in Chile and Jin Po in Khandanyang.

To this day, their intricate network of banks frequently and indiscriminately launder money for white-collar criminals, organized crime syndicates, terrorist groups and despots all over the world.

Ever since the end of WW2 and the creation of Providence, the Stuyvesants have retreated from public view and few today recognize the name. The family is still immensely wealthy but their true currency is influence. Their assets and investments are deliberately scattered and obscured, hidden behind funds and shell companies. But the Stuyvesant estate is involved in a wide and diverse arrange of industries such as real estate, banking and finance, insurance, and legal services, as well as the arts, sports and entertainment.

Important Providence assets such as Milton-Fitzpatrick (investment bank); Danziger Ltd. (Insurance); Morgan, Yates & Kohn (law firm); and Monumental Pictures are old Stuyvesant property, in which they still own a controlling share.

Marcus Stuyvesant (51), the current head of the family, is the youngest of the Providence Partners. He is divorced from Penelope Huxley-Stuyvesant with whom he has a single daughter, Cornelia, who runs the Stuyvesant art foundation.

A strong proponent of order, diligence and pertinence, Marcus tends to come across as officious and high-strung. Before Alexa Carlisle, Marcus's late father Eckhart used to sit at the head of the table, and Marcus is doggedly determined to prove himself his father's equal.

An introvert and dyslexic, Marcus dragged himself through college on the wings of his family name and generous campus contributions. He landed a job at the prestigious law firm Morgan, Yates & Kohn although his grades were hardly in the top ten percent. Diligent and determined, he was on partner track when Eckhart died abruptly of a stroke and Marcus was approached for the first by Arthur Edwards (the 2nd Constant) who revealed the Stuyvesant family’s true legacy. Partnership on a whole different scale. Marcus later learned that Eckhart had long considered appointing Milton-Fitzpatrick CEO Eugene Cobb instead of his pedestrian son, but he died before he could finalize his decision. This humiliating feeling of being a temp or runner-up haunts Marcus to this day.

Marcus adores his daughter Cornelia and, determined to be a more supportive father than Eckhart, insists that she should one day succeed him as Partner. But Cornelia, ironically, shows little sign that she would be even remotely interested in running a globe-spanning power cabal. And now, Marcus is waking up to the harsh realization that not only is it too late to shape Cornelia in his own image...there may simply be nothing left to inherit.
― Target Intel


Around 2020, he and the other Partners conferred with Arthur Edwards regarding a recent string of public acts of terror against Providence operatives and assets at the hands of mercenary Lucas Grey. Stuyvesant was visibly disturbed by these events, imploring Edwards to take fast action. He was also distressed after the revelation that Janus, then falsely implicated to be the real leader of the Private Militia, could have exposed them all.

Following Edwards' kidnapping from the Isle of Sgàil, the Metro Sun reported in a fake obituary that on May 24, at age 47, he had died in an auto accident. In reality, Stuyvesant and the other Partners had all faked their deaths to avoid the same fate as their operatives now that their Constant had been compromised. He would eventually use Haven's services to "wipe" his identity.


Having been relocated to Dubai thanks to Haven, Stuyvesant and his cohorts would lay low in the city's Burj Al-Ghazali skyscraper. Some time after November 13, however, Agent 47 assassinated Stuyvesant, along with Ingram.



  • Despite being one of the main antagonists of Hitman 2, he, Carl and Alexa only appeared in two cutscenes.
  • Despite also being one of the secondary antagonists of Hitman 3, he only appeared at the start of the game.
  • Given his accent, it's possible Stuyvesant is meant to be a descendant of the prominent real-life Stuyvesant family who originated in the Netherlands, though the real-life Stuyvesants are Frisian.
  • Stuyvesant is a fifth-generation heir to Stuyvesant Company, a banking and real estate giant founded in 1834 that was once New York City's largest landowner (with other substantial landholdings in Connecticut and Massachusetts). On paper, Marcus is the third richest man in the Netherlands (though he is likely even wealthier off-record).
  • During The Ark Society mission, Cornelia mentions the "boring" secret work of her "Papa," who is confirmed to be Marcus in the mission On Top of the World.
  • In his youth, Marcus Styvesant often went hunting with his father, whom he describes as an avid hunter, and while he personally disliked these trips, they gave him a great respect and trust for people skilled with a knife, a trait even he himself admits as being peculiar.
  • During 47's Freeform Training, two actors mention that Kalvin Ritter owns a painting once from the Stuyvesant family, originally on display in Boston. They also mention how the Stuyvesants "went broke", speculating that the painting allegedly being stolen was likely a cover up so the Stuyvesants would not have to admit to selling off their assets.
  • If held at gunpoint, he will wrongly assume 47 was sent by Arthur Edwards. He has this in common with Carl Ingram, but while Ingram will be grimly resigned to his fate, Marcus will beg for mercy, promising money in exchange for his life.
  • He was revealed as a target in the Dubai mission in the "Under the Hood" trailer.
  • Stuyvesant will periodically visit the bar area and peer into the private section, lamenting the fact that art designer Lucy Phillips is there annoying his daughter Cornelia, thus preventing the two from meeting. When certain conditions are satisfied, the player can create a pretext for Lucy to leave, thus freeing Cornelia to meet her father. However, if an unrelated disruption causes Lucy to leave the area, Marcus will still stand at the edge of the section and talk as if she is still there bothering Cornelia, even if Lucy is not present.
  • It is unknown how he was identified, due to fact that unlike Carl, he is in the building anonymously, which he mentions.