Disambig This article is about the real firearm. For replica, see Replica Mark III.

The Mark III is a rifle cut from Hitman: Blood Money. It is only possible to acquire the rifle through the "Giveall" command or modding the game.


The Mark III is a bolt-action rifle looking exactly like the Replica Mark III, which is carried by the actors in the Curtains Down level. The weapon can't be found or spawned by any normal means.

The rifle requires the user to eject the shell manually, which allows the player to see a unique animation Agent 47 has when shooting. The rifle also has a strange metal-banging-like shooting sound, but has an usually low damage output for a rifle.

The weapon, when carried while completing a level, can be found mounted on the wall next to the Shotgun and the M14, and use it as freely as the player wishes.



  • IO-Interactive most likely wanted to use this gun in Curtains Down, but decided not to since it would look strange if the actors would have real guns.
  • It looks exactly the same as its replica counterpart, and as such will not draw attention if 47 is carrying it disguised as an actor.
  • The gun has a unique, albeit strange, gunshot sound.
  • Even though you can't spawn it by any normal means, it can still appear in the Hideout.
  • If spawned in and used to kill, it can appear in the newspaper.