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Mason McCready is a member of the Hope Cougars, and a childhood friend of Lenny Dexter.


Currently, almost no details about McCready are known besides his affiliation with the Hope Cougars and Lenny Dexter. He is also a key player in the plan to kidnap Victoria from Blake Dexter. Due to his knowledge of the plan, he becomes a target in the Shaving Lenny mission.

McCready is described in 47's notebook as being impulsive, hot tempered, and pleasure-seeking. On top of that, he possesses remarkable social skills, but is sometimes prone to random outbursts of violence.


  • According to Hope News Times, he is very skilled at BBQ and is a five-time winner of "Dexter's Barbecue Dash," and is even referred to as a "BBQ pro".[1]
  • He is a member of the Hope Cougars, a street gang in Hope.
  • when 47 walks to the top floor of the auto part shop a officer and mechanic are talking eventually the mechanic will bring up how mason beat a mechanic and will shoot him he does again.



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