The Masseur outfit is a disguise that can be found in HITMAN™.


Worn by massage specialist Konny Engström inside the embassy. The disguise grants access to both floors of the embassy but not the ambassador’s office.

No NPCs are able to see through the Masseur outfit, unless the player is in professional mode, where two security guards, one by the left main stairs and one by the non-frisk staircase, and one militia elite in the same place will be enforcers.

With this disguise Agent 47 is able to give Claus Hugo Strandberg a massage, and snap his neck during said massage.


The Masseur outfit appears in the following missions:



  • After providing a massage to to Strandberg, Agent 47 can massage others too, and can also be killed in the same way.
    • While true, if the NPC massaged is neck-snapped, the body cannot be removed and no more massages take place.
  • Only male characters can be given massages.
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