Maya Parvati is a target in Freedom Fighters, the seventh mission in HITMAN. She was assassinated with the rest of her colleagues in Colorado.


A former assassin for the Tamil Tigers, Maya Parvati acts as the Colorado militia's training instructor.

Born into war, Parvati's father was one of the leaders of the Tamil Tigers. She grew up a nomad and fugitive raised by soldiers and mercenaries. As a teenager, Parvati became a prolific assassin specializing in tracking, silent infiltration and knife combat.

When the Tamil Tigers disbanded in 2009, Parvati fled Sri Lanka and took up work as a freelance pirate in the South China Sea. During this time she partnered up with The Maelstrom, the mysterious pirate boss behind the 2014 hijacking of the Frances King, a TI-class supertanker. At least one witness placed Parvati at the scene during the hostage crisis and subsequent firefight which claim the life of nineteen pirates, eight Chinese soldiers and twenty-five innocent sailors.

Eighteen months ago, Maya Parvati allegedly lost an arm to a grenade blast during an attack on a Hamsun Oil freighter, after which The Maelstrom unceremoniously cast her aside. Parvati dropped off the face of the earth. How she got in contact with Sean Rose and his network, or why she chose to join his cause, is as of yet unknown.

Maya Parvati is a warrior deprived of her function. She is strong, commanding and observant, with a blunt and direct demeanor. She might not be able to wield the knife like she used to, but she could still prove to be a formidable foe.


  • Despite the intelligence calling her a formidable foe, she, like the rest of the targets, will flee and cower at if alerted. She does, however, taunt and mock 47 when held at gunpoint, in stark contrast to nearly every other target pleading for mercy when at gunpoint.