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The Meat Hook is a two-sided hook normally used in butcheries to hang up meat or the carcasses of animals such as pigs and cattle on a moving conveyor line. There are many types of hooks, but the meat hook is the only one used in butchering.


  • In Hitman: Contracts, the meat hook is a melee weapon that can be found in The Meat King's Party.
    • It can be ontained as soon as the mission begins. When on the processing part of the building, get close to a meat hook when dragging a body - alive or dead - and you'll have the option of hanging the body in the hook, where it'll get disposed of as it goes to the meat processor.
  • Also, when you're about to infiltrate the Meat King's room dressed as a waiter, you can stuff the Meat Hook inside the chicken, then when you're in the Meat guy's place, press the button in the wall to close the wall to prevent the strippers from seeing you killing their man, then take out the hook and whack the King silently.
  • Another Meat Hook can be found in the mission Rendezvous in Rotterdam the hook is in the basement torture room where Klaas Teller is being held.