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Mickey Caps (also known as Snowman) is an influential drug dealer in Chicago's Chinatown. He is known to be The King's personal dealer.


Mickey Caps appears in the Hitman: Absolution mission The King of Chinatown. He owns an apartment that overlooks the central area of Chinatown, and that is guarded by a single(or multiple, depending on the difficulty) security guards.

Caps owns a Kazo TRG-brand sniper rifle in his apartment, along with a stash of Cocaine for the King, and a security system.


Caps wears casual track-suits with sweat pants, and has a beret-like hat with orange-tinted glasses.


  • Customers who pre-ordered Hitman: Absolution before November 19th, 2012, were given Snowman's hat and sunglasses in the popular video game Team Fortress 2, named "That 70's Chapeau".



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