Mikhail Bardachenko was a Russian general in St. Petersburg. Little is known about Mikhail, expect he has only one eye and wears a black eyepatch over the other.


Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

During the events of Silent Assassin, he eventually managed to capture Agent Smith and interrogated him. Agent 47 tracked down Mikhail and killed him. He also saved Smith in the process.


Bardachenko's appearance was that of a typical military man as he was only ever seen in game wearing formal military attire. One notable feature to his appearance is the eyepatch which he wore over his right eye.


Bardachenko is portrayed as the stereotypical military man; stoic and obsessively loyal to his cause. He does show a more sadistic side by taking pleasure in breaking his prisoners and has an undying hatred of anything American.



  • Bardachenko is noted to be a very effective interrogator and while playing through the mission to save Smith, 47 will come across an interrogation/torture room where Bardachenko broke his captives.
  • His interrogation room is located 3 floors below in a nuclear-proof underground bunker which can make his victims screams hard to hear.
  • His last name ends with the suffix "Chenko," implying he is of Ukrainian descent.
  • He is the only Russian general in the game who uses a gun to shoot 47 instead of fleeing, however in St. Petersburg Stakeout, he surrenders to 47 when he sees him.
  • He also carries a Pentagon Knife although he never uses it.
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