Russian President Mikhail Belicoff (portrayed by Ulrich Thomsen) was the recently elected President of Russia, most famous for his policies that included a sudden shift to democracy and reaching out to the United States.


He was the elder brother of Udre Belicoff, a noted arms and drug trafficker. It is unknown how Udre affected Mikhail's public image, though during Udre's funeral, Mikhail double framed Udre's bad lifestyle as a personal failure that he learned a lesson from, saying, "I will not fail again". He also seemed to euphemise Udre's life as 'troubled'.

He also secretly "owned" Nika as a sex slave, and was highly abusive towards her. He had bought her from Udre.

Hitman (2007 film)

Mikhail was assassinated by 47 at the beginning and was replaced by a double. Passing himself off as Belicoff, he blamed the attempt on his life on the United States and returned to the policies of his former political party, which in turn benefited, and was aligned with the aims of a secret government control group who were opposed to such an open political system. The double was eventually tracked down and killed by Agent 47 in revenge for setting him up.[1]

Belicoff's Double's Death

Later, 47 infiltrated Yuri Marklov's house, kidnapping and forcing him to order his FSB agent (a sniper present at the funeral to ensure Belicoff's safety) to fire on the fake Belicoff during Udre's funeral. This broke the Bullet proof glass placed to protect the President. Then, disguised as a soldier, 47 managed to pass himself off as a member of Belicoff's security detail, who were hustling him out after the recent attempt on his life, killing all of Belicoff's double's guards and forcing him into the archbishop's chamber in the church. He had a conversation with Belicoff's double who tried to reason with 47. He told 47 that the Russian people would never let him get away with assassinating the president. Belicoff's double offered to let 47 leave if 47 left him unharmed. 47, instead, killed him and then allowed himself to be taken into custody by the Interpol under Agent Whittier. [2]


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