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Mission Stories, previously known as Opportunities in HITMAN™, are optional guided paths through missions in HITMAN™ 2 and HITMAN™ III. They primarily assist the player in the completion of mission objectives, but can also simply assist the player in obtaining a certain disguise or item. In addition to helping the player progress through a mission, Mission Stories may also uncover plot threads which weave into a mission's greater narrative.

Mission Stories typically reveal themselves after eavesdropping in on an NPC conversation, or after examining an object. Once a Mission Story has been revealed, it can be manually tracked. Not all missions have Mission Stories.

Guidance Settings

There are three different levels of Mission Story guidance that the player can choose from in the game's settings;

  • Full - All Guide hints are visible. In game tracker icons appear for a tracked Mission Story. Objectives are shown in the HUD.
  • Minimal - In game tracker icons are hidden. Guide hints can still be accessed, and Guide objectives are still tracked in the HUD.
  • Off - All Guide communication is turned off.

All Mission Stories

The Final Test Final Terms - Safe Conduct - Safety First - To Fallen Comrades
The Showstopper 15 Seconds of Fame - A Drink to Die For - A Private Meeting - A Quick Break - A Rare Scoop - Guest of Honor - Lights Out - Playing with Fire
World of Tomorrow A Case Most Peculiar - Absolution - Beyond the Grave - By Candlelight - Catharsis - First Day on the Job - Hostile Environment - Memento - Memory Lane - The Good Son
The Icon Time To Meet The Fans - An Explosive Ending - Something To Chew On - Light My Fire
Landslide Dynamite Smile - Cheat Sheet - No Absolution For The Wicked - Stage Fried - Above The Law
A Gilded Cage Down The Rabbit Hole - Open Sesame - Golden Touch - Prime Time - Why We Fight - Honeycomb - Cherry Blossom - Bad Blood
A House Built on Sand Gone Shopping - Waiting For The Man - The Future Foretold - Rent Due
Club 27 Are 'Friends Electric - Bugman - Intervention - It's My Party - Man Machine - On The House - The Smoking Gun - Tik Tuk
Freedom Fighters Doomsday Watch - Overpowered - Point Man - The Audition - Tongue Tied - Unclean
Situs Inversus Ghost In The Machine - Hot Springs - Makeover - Malpractice - No Smoking - Tell-Tale Heart - Thrill Seeker
The Finish Line A Perfect Machine - Intravenous - Pretty In Pink - The Munchies - The New Army - The Triumph - Turbo Charged - Ready, set, GO! (Elusive Target The Undying or The Undying Returns Only)
Three-Headed Serpent Heart of Stone - Submerged - Deadly Art - Half Baked - Backpacker - Undying Love - Hallowed Ground
Chasing a Ghost Gone With The Wind - A Dress To Die For - Broad Strokes - Picture Perfect - A Close Shave - A Matter Of Discipline - Flames Rekindled - Contract: Dawood Rangan - Contract: Vanya Shah - Our Man in Mumbai - Homecoming
Another Life Charbroiled - Pest Control - House For Sale - Breadcrumb Trail - An Apple A Day - Whack-A-Mole - No Smoking Area
The Ark Society A Phoenix From The Ashes - Last Honors - Final Club - Social Climbing - It Belongs In A Museum - Winds Of Change
Golden Handshake The Job Interview - On And Off Again - The Heist - The Exposé - Hostile Termination
The Last Resort A Lucrative Opportunity - Idle Hands - Take A Deep Breath - The Shape Changer - The Water Horse
On Top of the World How The Mighty Fall - Bird of Prey - (In)Security
Death in the Family A Day To Remember - Her Final Resting Place - Means, Motive And Opportunity
End of an Era All-Seeing Eyes - Certainty Principle - Impulse Control
The Farewell Closing Statement - Eyes On Target - Over The Top - The Tour

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