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Colonel Mohammad Amin was an army official operating in the Afghan war and working alongside the Nuristan Rebels.


Amin was Agent 47's second target on his first mission in Nuristan.


Unlike most guards and citizens in Nuristan, the Colonel has no beard, but does have a moustache. He also wears a small hat, rather than a turban. He wears a uniform similar to Ahmed Zahir, but is a pale brown rather than green.


Mohammad Amin seems to be a greedy, paranoid and cowardly adversary who runs at the slightest sign of danger. He only walks around the city while escorted by his personal body guard, and will threaten and beat local merchants to lower the price on their goods. If at any point, the Colonel is alerted to 47's presence, or is informed that Ahmed Zamir had been killed, he will run for the palace gates.



  • Despite carrying a Snub Nosed Revolver, he never uses it when alerted, instead he will run to the palace.