Sheikh Mohammad Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa, commonly shortened to Sheikh Mohammad, is the CEO of APRIX International, a corporation located worldwide of the pharmaceutical industry. He has a personal scientist, Tariq Abdul Lateef.


Sheikh Mohammad is a rather large man, usually seen with his signature robes and his sunglasses, not even removing the latter when inside the casino. He has a grey/black beard along with a mustache and usually has bodyguards swarming any area he is in. He is 5'10 feet tall.


He is the CEO of APRIX International, a global corporation on pharmaceutical industry. The Sheikh later sets up a meeting with Afrikaner Hendrik Schmutz. The meeting is supposed to be a trade. Schmutz offers DNA samples for Al-Kalifa's company while the Sheikh offers a suitcase of money in the form of blood diamonds. The Sheikh has been suspected to be involved in biological warfare clients and perhaps cloning as well. The Sheikh is accompanied by his brilliant scientist, Tariq Abdul Lateef, to verify the goods. However, he was killed by Agent 47 during the deal along with his scientist Lateef and Schmutz at the Shamal



  • The Sheikh is always accompanied by at least four armed guards.
  • He has the longest name in the entire series, with 26 letters and is beaten only by Ali bin Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Fulani from the novel Hitman: Enemy Within (with 27 letters), who also happens to be of Arabic origin.
  • He will still believe 47 to be Hendrik Schmutz even if 47 approaches him in his original suit; therefore, disguising as Schmutz is unnecessary.
  • When he meets 47 who is acting as Schmutz, he will keep mentioning how large the casino is. This may probably a prompt for a reply from Schmutz (to confirm his identity), but 47 can walk away safe and sound with the diamonds anyway.
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