Movie Reel is an item that appears in two missions in Hitman: Absolution.


There are two different movie reels in the game. In Terminus, the film on it is "The Art of Spanking", which is a porn tape; it's similar to a cutscene in the game where Skurky engages in BDSM with Miss Cooper, though Skurky is dressed in a BDSM outfit and there is more footage of Miss Cooper's breasts, Skurky's face is pixeled and the footage is in black and white. In Blackwater Park, the film is an "Akk'wu close combat style" instruction film. In both missions, the reels can be played on a nearby projector to distract nearby NPCs.


  • Terminus: In the utility room on the seventh floor in the Upper Floors segment.
  • Blackwater Park: On a counter near the locker room on the ground floor inside the building.


  • In Shaving Lenny, "The Art of Spanking" is watched on a TV by some men in the barbershop.