Mrs. Cooper is a dominatrix, who often gives her services to Clive Skurky. She was seen taunting Victoria at the Hope Sheriff's Department. She has her own "chamber" in the basement of the Hope, South Dakota police headquarters where she performs for Skurky. The other officers in the police department resentfully allow Skurky to do what he wants. She wears a full latex fetish outfit and has a collection of sex toys that she leaves around the jail.

At some point, she was taken captive by Blake Dexter and Layla Stockton. When Dexter and Stockton met with Benjamin Travis and Jade Nguyen to exchange Victoria for $10 million, Mrs. Cooper was brought out, disguised as Victoria. She is shot in the head when Travis tries to get out of paying the money to Blake Dexter. Mrs. Cooper seems to affiliated with ICA, hinted by Travis' expression after he saw the body.

It seems that Blake is somewhat disgusted by Skurky's sexual practices, as shown when he finds one of Mrs. Cooper's sex toys.


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