Mrs. Sinistra is the wife of Vinnie Sinistra. She has at least two children. She is a alcoholic as she can be seen drinking bottles placed throughout the house and staggering while walking.


She is alcoholic as she can be seen drinking alcohol from various bottles located throughout their house all the time and thus, can be seen staggering while walking. She can be seen flirting around with various staff like the clown and the Pool Cleaner. However, Vinnie did not seem to know this as he trusts her completely, even entrusting her to hide evidence on a piece of microfilm in her new necklace. She is annoyed by the FBI agents.

In game

Hitman: Blood Money

Shortly before her youngest child's birthday - the same day in which 47 was sent into assassinate Vinnie and retrieve the microfilm - she can be seen walking around the house drinking and flirting with the staff. She believes her husband has gone insane since entering witness protection. 47 obtained microfilm from her.


Mrs. Sinistra is the attractive middle-aged woman wearing a black bikini. She has black strapped pumps and black shoulder length hair.