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Murder at the Bazaar is the 14th mission in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, set in Nuristan (Afghanistan).


  • Eliminate Lieutenant Ahmed Zahir
  • Get map of location of warheads from lieutenant
  • Eliminate Colonel Mohammad Amin
  • Get key from colonel


47 — this is Diana Burnwood. We require your services once again, and this time you will have to prove your money's worth. Our client has lost some cargo, which he wants back at any cost.

It appears to be stolen by a bunch of renegades, armed to the teeth. The cargo is hidden somewhere in the desert…

This is a two-stage mission — first you must eliminate Lieutenant Ahmed Zahir and get a map from him. It shows the location of the cargo.

He's quite weak, has a pacemaker and goes for a nap every day after noon prayers, so this is a good time to eliminate him without raising any suspicions. If the alarm is sounded, the mission will fail.

He is well guarded and behind locked doors, where only his trusted personal bodyguards have keys and access. Both his and the guards' quarters are situated in front of the palace.

When this is done, you will have to kill Colonel Mohammad Amin and steal the key he's holding. It's an important part of the cargo.

Call me when you're done with the lieutenant and I will brief you on the whereabouts of the colonel.

On the video you can see both targets. It's the lieutenant entering the house.

I repeat — eliminate the lieutenant without any alarm, get the map, and call me for further information.


Murder at the Baazar Map




  • Soldier
  • Civilian
  • Lieutenant
  • Colonel


Hitman 2 Silent assassin - Murder at the Bazaar

Hitman 2 Silent assassin - Murder at the Bazaar



  • The player is not required to kill the targets to complete the mission. Taking the items from their unconscious bodies is sufficient to finish the mission.
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