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"47's mission takes place on a rainy day in New York where an investigation at the bank is in full swing. He must follow the money and eliminate the bank's director to complete his objectives."

New York City is the most populous city in the United States of America, located in the state of New York. A thriving metropolis, it is home to many famous landmarks as well as Providence associates.

The mission Golden Handshake takes place in the city, located exclusively inside the Milton-Fitzpatrick bank. 47 must eliminate Athena Savalas and acquire a Providence data core from the bank's heavily-protected vault.

The Providence Archive is also located somewhere in the city.


New York's appearance in HITMAN™ 2 is confined to the interior of the Milton-Fitzpatrick bank. The main public space in the bank is the iconic Teller Hall, which is overlooked by an ornate clock - behind which the Director's Office resides.

The lower level provides public access to rooms of deposit boxes, and the vault can be located here as well - however, access to the vault area is restricted to high-level security only. A loading bay for the vault is also situated nearby and can be used as a means of escaping. Additionally, the bank's IT department can be found on this level.

The bank's upper levels comprise of areas only accessible by staff, including a VIP client area where tellers meet with clients, the Stock Market where traders keep watch on the market, a Conference Room where an internal audit is taking place and finally the Director's Office and Athena Savalas's private chambers.


  • The Golden Handshake mission is the first in HITMAN™ 2 to take place exclusively indoors. 47 can only access the exterior of the bank when escaping.
    • It's also the first locale to feature rain.
  • The Teller Hall appears to be inspired by the concourse of Grand Central Terminal.


One mission takes place in New York.

Golden Handshake


Logo of the Milton-Fitzpatrick Bank