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Dr. Odon Kovacs PhD is a target in the mission The Setup in Hitman: Codename 47. He worked as a doctor at the Asylum in Romania and, also as Dr. Ort-Meyer's accomplice in his cloning experiments, which also seemed to include Agent 47's cloning.


Hitman Codename 47

Dr. Kovacs has been working at the hospital ever since he finished his studies in medicine at the University of Bucharest. He has specialized in subconscious mind control and behavioral sciences, and went to work on psychiatric hospital subjects.

Not much is known about his life before The Setup, except he was the one in charge to taking care of Agent 47, including injecting him with syringes.

Sometime after the hit on Arkadij Jegorov, the International Contract Agency found out that the previous four missions Agent 47 were contracted was requested by one and the same person, Ort-Meyer, thus breaking one of the the Agency's rules. However, using his authority, Ort-Meyer made the board of directors accept one final mission from him, to eliminate Kovacs.

When Agent 47 finally met Kovacs in the Asylum, at first he didn't recognize him, and so did 47. However, suddenly, 47 remembered him as "the one with the needle". Surprised, he told 47 that Dr. Ort-Meyer is the one responsible for the hits and his creation. Kovacs was then killed, also giving 47 opportunity to use his disguise to get past the SWAT force and into the basement, to kill Ort-Meyer.


Dr. Kovacs is about 50 years old, 5'10" tall, and weighing 180 lbs. He always wore a labcoat and a pair of glasses. His most noticeable feature was his pointy moustache and beard.



  • Ort Meyer presumably offered a contract on Kovacs to lure Agent 47 back to the asylum, as Kovacs is not one of The Five Fathers.
  • His name reveals that he descended from Hungarian origins. His original name would be "Dr. Kovács Ödön" using the eastern name order plus the accents.
  • Kovacs boasts PhDs in both Genetics and Psychology.
  • It is not necessary to kill him to proceed to the next mission, and additionally, he will never show up as killed during the mission, no how he was killed.