Disambig This article is about the disguise. For the person, see Odon Kovacs (character).

Odon Kovacs' outfit is an outfit worn by Dr. Odon Kovacs a doctor at Dr. Otto Ort-Meyer's Asylum.


Worn by Dr. Odon Kovacs, an employee at the Asylum.

Odon Kovacs' outfit was a very rare disguise that can be obtained from a target (even though Agent 47 looks nothing like Kovacs himself).

Wearing it allowed Agent 47 to have free access to the entire asylum, which was useful in evading the SWAT teams.


The Kovacs outfit appears in the following missions:

Hitman: Codename 47



  • While the disguise works on evading SWAT members and orderlies, the disguise is useless on staff underground, and on the No. 48s.
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