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Olivia Hall is a minor antagonist in HITMAN™ turned tritagonist, and false antagonist in HITMAN™ 2. She is an young female hacker, who is an ally in the Private Militia in a war against Providence.


A young Hall first met her future boss, Lucas Grey, while he was on a mission to Sierra Leone in 2002.

Under The Scope

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The ICA, now starting to realize that they were manipulated by the Shadow Client, managed to trace several separate client's data back to hacker Olivia Hall. This lead them to a training ground in Colorado being used by the Shadow Client's team, a collection of previously unaffiliated mercenaries and political radicals. 47 infiltrated the camp, killed four of the Shadow Client's most talented mercenaries, and investigated the Shadow Client's files (during which he and Diana Burnwood found out ICA Director Erich Soders had become a mole for Providence).

After Agent 47 eliminated the four mercenaries, Lucas Grey watched him through the scope of a sniper rifle from a nearly hill. Olivia Hall rightly assumes the ICA found the Colorado camp by tracing her, and she feels very guilty before Lucas tells her "You did well Olivia, I am proud of you. Now listen. The ICA knows about you. They kept you alive because they needed you and now they don't. We won't talk again. Not until the storm is over". As she fears for her life, Lucas further calms her down by explaining his backstory to her. As he plans to pull the trigger to kill the unaware 47, the latter glances towards the client, either feeling someone watching him or being aware of the client. He then takes his finger off the trigger, and lets 47 go, claiming that he knows him "Better than anyone."


  • Hacking: One of her most profound traits is that she is truly a master hacker.


Lucas Grey

Lucas Grey is an ally of Olivia Hall and her partner in crime of taking down providence.