On Top of the World is the first mission in HITMAN™ III, in which Agent 47 must eliminate Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant, two of three Partners of Providence.



After obtaining the new identities and whereabouts of the Providence Partners, 47 and Lucas Grey have tracked them down to the Burj Al-Ghazali in Dubai, where they are attending the building's inauguration as guests of its owner, Sheikh Omar al-Ghazali

As 47 and Grey skydive toward the building's top floors, they witness Alexa Alice Carlisle hastily leaving the building. Diana suspects the reason is due to The Constant, who has been seizing Providence resources since his escape from captivity.

While Diana tracks Carlisle, 47 and Grey continue their mission to infiltrate the Burj Al-Ghazali and eliminate the remaining Partners, Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant .

Mission Briefing

Intro Cutscene


Lucas Grey (VO): "Look closer."

Grey stands on the edge of a ship at port, looking towards a rocky beach, and buildings beyond.

Grey (CONT'D): "In the shadows. Behind the everyday world. Beyond the headlines and the seats of power. A hidden hand."

Agent 47 and Grey enter a van parked in the sand; Grey drives while 47 sits shotgun.

Grey (VO): "A kind of company, known as...Providence."

The van speeds through a desert canyon.

Grey (CONT'D): "To it, we were just assets. To use and throw away. To do the unthinkable--the unforgivable--and it never gave us a second thought, until now."

At nightfall, the men sneak around the border to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Grey (VO): "After decades in the shadows, we are fighting back. Me and 47."

They hail a vehicle in the dusty desert and eventually, cross over the dunes by foot.

Grey (CONT'D): "Much has been lost. But we are closer than ever. We trapped the Constant, Providence's Chief Controller, and finally learnt the names of its three partners."

They crest a ridge overlooking an oil facility as a plane flies low nearby.

Grey (VO): "In their downfall, we lay the past to rest."

Moments later, 47 and Grey stand in the cargo bay of the plane, now wearing skydiving suits.

Grey (CONT'D): "And just maybe, look towards the future..."

The ramp lowers, exposing the men to the air.

Grey (COM): "47. It's time."

In the distance, rising above the clouds, lies their destination: the Burj Al-Ghazali tower.


They HALO jump out of the back of the plane, free falling.

Grey (COM): "The Partners are down there. You know, I never planned this far ahead."

Agent 47 (COM): "You never do."

Grey (COM): "I see someone got his memory back. Wait, is that a beacon--"

A flashing red light grows brighter through the clouds beneath them--a helicopter bursts forth, and the two narrowly dodge its rotors. They correct their flight.

Grey (COM): "What the hell? Base. Alexa Carlisle's helicopter just took off. Confirm target locations, over."

Agent 47 (COM): "Diana, what's the status?"

Diana (VO): "Right. We have a situation."

47 deploys his parachute and floats down onto the building.

Diana (CONT'D): "Carlisle has left the building...And I think I know why."

Hanging on for dear life, 47 watches his detached parachute sail away far below him.
― Intro Cutscene


Diana Burnwood (VO): "The Constant has escaped. He persuaded one of the sailors into setting him free and since then he’s been seizing control of Providence assets and resources. I can only assume Carlisle is rushing to contain the damage."

Lucas Grey (VO): "If she slips away again..."

Diana (VO): "We’ll keep track of her. Make sure she doesn’t. Meanwhile, the plan stays the same. Your destination is The Sceptre; the world’s tallest building where the Partners are laying low, courtesy of their host sheikh Omar al-Ghazali. Marcus Stuyvesant is fifth generation old money. His family made its fortune in real estate and banking and were at one point the chief landowners in New York.

Carl Ingram is a powerful Washington kingmaker whose family grew rich selling gunpowder during the American Civil War and later established a globe-spanning empire in oil, coal and steel. Both families long since retreated from public view but their quiet dominance endures to this day.

Now, the Partners likely suspect that we’re coming. So Mr. Grey will infiltrate building controls and disable all electronic doors and elevators. Stuyvesant and Ingram are about to find they have nowhere left to run."

Grey (VO): "Right. This is our moment, 47. Providence ruined our lives with the flick of a pen. Today...we return the favor. Happy hunting."

― Briefing

Mission Stories

How The Mighty Fall

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Facilitate Grey's revenge

Listen, I want to talk to the partners directly, make them understand why all this is happening. And that terminal gives me an idea, There's a server room near the Sheikh's personal reception. If you can gain access to it, we might be able to recover useful intel from it. We'll have to work together to hack the system, but it's our best shot.

Bird of Prey

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Join the meeting with Carl Ingram

Zana Kazem, aka "The Vulture." One of the top agents working for Crystal Dawn, the Pan-African terrorist organization. I almost hired him myself once but chose The Maelstrom instead. Now, what is his business here?


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Take the role of Stuyvesant's replacement bodyguard

Stuyvesant is expecting a replacement guard. If you can locate him, we should be able to get within strangling distance of the little worm.


  • "Welcome To The Sceptre" Pamphlet
The following contain spoilers. Click "show" to continue.

Join us for the inauguration of the Burj Al-Ghazali. Prince Al-Ghazali invites you all to join him in opening this milestone of a building. You are all his personal guests. Visit the various bars, exhibits and relaxation areas and most importantly--enjoy yourselves.


Type Key: A=Assassination; D=Discovery; F=Feats; T=Targets; TC=The Classics
Name Type Description Rewards
Straight Shot A Assassinate a target with a headshot. Mission Mastery +2000
Tasteless, Traceless A Assassinate a target with lethal poison. Mission Mastery +2000
Piano Man A Assassinate a target with the fiber wire. Mission Mastery +2000
Hold My Hair A Assassinate a target by drowning them. Mission Mastery +2000
Someone Could Hurt Themselves A Assassinate a target in an accident. Mission Mastery +2000
Versatile Assassin A Complete the following Assassination challenges in the Burj Al-Ghazali:
  • Piano Man
  • Someone Could Hurt Themselves
  • Hold My Hair
  • Straight Shot
  • Tasteless, Traceless
Mission Mastery +4000
Pick Your Poison A Eliminate Carl Ingram by making him eat poisoned food. Mission Mastery +4000
Vertical Approach A Eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant by pushing, dumping or pulling him over a ledge or railing. Mission Mastery +4000
Angry Birdy A Eliminate Carl Ingram by making him strike an explosive golf ball. Mission Mastery +4000
Black Gold Eye A Eliminate Carl Ingram by impaling him on his oil-rig model in his office. Mission Mastery +4000
Impactful Art A Eliminate both targets with a single chandelier. Mission Mastery +2000
Mile High Drop A Eliminate each target while they are in the air parachuting. Mission Mastery +4000
Conserving Ammunition A Eliminate both targets with a single bullet using a sniper rifle. Mission Mastery +4000
Steep Task A Eliminate Carl Ingram by pushing, dumping or pulling him over a ledge or railing. Mission Mastery +4000
Icarus A Electrocute Marcus Stuyvesant using the sun at the art installation Mission Mastery +4000
Discover Dubai D Reveal all undiscovered areas in the Burj Al-Ghazali. Mission Mastery +2000
Easy Breezy D Open all electronic window shutters using the phone. Mission Mastery +1000
Rotor Man D Disguise yourself as the Helicopter Pilot. Mission Mastery +1000
Shortcut: Penthouse Terrace Ladder D Unlock the ladder shortcut at the penthouse terrace. Mission Mastery +1000
Wet Worker D Disguise yourself as Zana "The Vulture" Kazem, agent of Crystal Dawn. Mission Mastery +1000
Rotor Ready D Obtain the helicopter key. Mission Mastery +1000
Shortcut: Ventilation Area Ladder D Unlock the ladder shortcut at the ventilation area behind the penthouse. Mission Mastery +1000
Elite Heat D Disguise yourself as a Penthouse Guard. Mission Mastery +1000
Hot One D Disguise yourself as the Chef Mission Mastery +1000
Toothpick D Obtain a scimitar. Mission Mastery +1000
Waiter Cater D Disguise yourself as an Event Staff Member. Mission Mastery +1000
Shortcut: Atrium Lobby Door D Unlock the shortcut door in the atrium lobby. Mission Mastery +1000
Here Goes Nothing D Escape the Burj Al-Ghazali via parachute. Mission Mastery +1000
Grand Connection D Escape the Burj Al-Ghazali via the penthouse elevator. Mission Mastery +1000
Pocket-Sized Empire D Obtain a skyscraper miniature model. Mission Mastery +1000
Shortcut: Helipad Ladder D Unlock the ladder shortcut at the helipad. Mission Mastery +1000
Ground Floor, Please D Escape the Burj Al-Ghazali via the atrium elevator. Mission Mastery +1000
Key to the Sceptre D Obtain the penthouse key. Mission Mastery +1000
Servant Exit D Escape the Burj Al-Ghazali via the staff elevator. Mission Mastery +1000
Up and Away D Escape the Burj Al-Ghazali via helicopter. Mission Mastery +1000
For Emergencies Only D Obtain the evacuation keycard. Mission Mastery +1000
Chameleon D Find and equip all disguises at the Burj al-Ghazali. Mission Mastery +4000
Meet the Stuyvesants F Reunite the Stuyvesants. Mission Mastery +2000
Suiting Attire F Exit the Burj Al-Ghazali while wearing the skydiving suit. Mission Mastery +2000
Precious Moments F Take a photo of Marcus Stuyvesant being reunited with his daughter. Mission Mastery +2000
Mission Story - (In)Security F Complete the mission story "(In)Security." Mission Mastery +2000
Geronimo F Trigger an evacuation by using the keycard readers in the penthouse. Mission Mastery +2000
Chip and Dip F Hack the server room without triggering the silent alarm. Mission Mastery +1000
Cashing Out F Pacify the Sheikh using a goldbar. Mission Mastery +1000
Nightcrawler F Take a photo of the Sheikh sleeping. Mission Mastery +2000
Mission Story - Bird Of Prey F Complete the mission story "Bird of Prey." Mission Mastery +2000
Disturbing the Peace F Disturb Carl Ingram while he is on the dictaphone. Mission Mastery +2000
Mission Story - How The Mighty Fall F Complete the mission story "How The Mighty Fall." Mission Mastery +2000
Flying Monkey Business F [REDACTED] Mission Mastery +4000
Particular Palette F Serve Marcus Stuyvesant his requested drink at the art gallery bar. Mission Mastery +2000
High Rise Drop F Push or dump anyone down an elevator shaft. Mission Mastery +2000
Eliminate Carl Ingram T Eliminate Carl Ingram Mission Mastery +4000
Eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant T Eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant Mission Mastery +4000
The Classics TC Complete all the Classic challenges on "On Top Of The World" on X difficulty:
  • Silent Assassin
  • Silent Assassin, Suit Only
  • Sniper Assassin
  • Suit Only
  • No Evidence
Mission Mastery +8000 (master)

Mission Mastery +4000 (professional) Mission Mastery +2000 (casual)

Silent Assassin, Suit Only TC
  • Complete "On Top Of The World" on X difficulty.
  • Only eliminate the targets.
  • No bodies found.
  • Do not get spotted.
  • If you are detected by cameras, erase or destroy the evidence.
  • Do it all in your suit.
Mission Mastery +4000 (any difficulty)
Sniper Assassin TC
  • Complete "On Top Of The World" on X difficulty.
  • Assassinate your targets with a sniper rifle.
  • Only eliminate the targets.
  • Do not get spotted.
  • If you're detected by cameras, erase or destroy the evidence. (master/professional)
Mission Mastery +2000 (any)
No Evidence TC
  • Complete "On Top Of The World" on X difficulty with no bodies found.
  • If you are detected by cameras, erase or destroy the evidence. (master/professional)
Mission Mastery +1000 (any)
Suit Only TC
  • Assassinate the targets and complete the mission on X difficulty.
  • Do it all in your suit.
Mission Mastery +1000 (any)
Silent Assassin TC
  • Complete "On Top Of The World" on X difficulty.
  • Only eliminate the targets.
  • No bodies found.
  • Do not get spotted.
  • If you are detected by cameras, erase or destroy the evidence. (master/professional)
Mission Mastery +4000 (any)


Mastery Level Type Unlock Description
2 Melee Burj Al-Ghazali Snowglobe A novelty snowglobe featuring the Dubai Burj Al-Ghazali. Available in the "Sceptre" gift shop and at selected outlets.
2 Starting Location Atrium Lobby 47 arrives at the top of a towering structure in the middle of the desert; Grey arrives safely on-site a number of floors below.
3 Hidden Stash Kitchen Grey's insider can cleverly smuggle in a small item and place it in a non-suspect location in the kitchen.
4 Starting Location Meeting Room 47 has expertly managed to infiltrate the Burj Al-Ghazali staff meeting room, cleverly disguised as a waiter.
5 Poison Emetic Poison Vial A vial of poison. Contains a single dose of emetic poison. When consumed, an individual will immediately become nauseated and seek a location to throw up in. Can be administered via food or drink.
6 Agency Pickup Penthouse Supply Room One of Grey's insiders can smuggle in a briefcase containing a large item and leave it in the penthouse supply room behind the reception area.
7 Starting Location Art Installation 47 has infiltrated the "Accumulus" art installation, donning a disguise that allows him to pass himself off as a technician.
7 Container ICA Briefcase MK III A brand-new ICA briefcase. This briefcase can hold one item.
8 Hidden Stash Atrium Toilet Grey's insider is able to smuggle in and carefully place a small item in a discreet section of the atrium public toilets.
9 Agency Pickup Maintenance Room One of Grey's insiders can smuggle in a briefcase containing a large item and hide it in a stairwell maintenance room.
10 Explosive Explosive Golf Ball A light explosive disguised as a golf ball. Any hard impact from a golf club or throw will trigger an explosion.
11 Starting Location Guard Room 47 has infiltrated the guard room, fooling everyone while disguising himself as security.
12 Hidden Stash Laundry Room Grey's insider is able to place a small item in a smartly hidden spot in a stairwell laundry room.
13 Melee Ornate Scimitar An ornately decorated scimitar with gold trim and a porcelain covered handle, perfectly weighted and razor sharp.
14 Agency Pickup Art Backstage Balcony Grey's insider can deftly smuggle in a briefcase containing a large item and hide it expertly on the outside balcony near the art exhibition backstage area.
15 Sniper Rifle Druzhina 34 DTI A DTI variant of the Druzhina 43 rifle. A modern long-distance sniper rifle. Very effective at all ranges, with a medium firing rate.
17 Agency Pickup Penthouse Ventilation Area Grey's insider can expertly smuggle in a briefcase containing a large item and leave it in the penthouse ventilation maintenance area.
19 Starting Location Penthouse 47 has infiltrated the Burj Al-Ghazali penthouse, disguising himself as a member of the staff.
20 Suit Ashen Suit With Gloves A light gray, finely textured tailored suit featuring a charcoal tie, black shoes and matching gloves.
20 Explosive ICA Proximity Explosive Mk III A modular explosive device designed by the ICA. Detonated by proximity. Exercise caution when placing. Highly suspicious if noticed. It has the signature Mk III look.


Note: Skydiving Suit and Ashen Suit are not counted towards the 11 disguises required for Chameleon challenge.


Other NPCs

  • Lucy Phillips - Artist/designer of the "Accumulus" installation.
  • Cornelia Stuyvesant - Daughter of Marcus Stuyvesant
  • Hans Lucht - Pulitzer Prize-winning freelance journalist.
  • Zana Kazem - An assassin. His disguise can be worn.


Escalation Contracts

There are currently five escalation contracts available in Dubai:

Elusive Targets


Target Lockdown

When Ingram and Stuyvesant go into lockdown the guards will escort them to the balcony, and they both will escape in a parachute backpack. 47 will have 20 seconds to eliminate them, if failed to do so, it fails the mission. The parachutes themselves can be sabotaged beforehand.




The text below contains some of the easter eggs found in this level. For the full list of easter eggs on this & other levels, see here.

  • Sebastian Sato from the mission Showstopper is found wandering around the cloud bar with a new orange suit which suggests he canonically survived the mission.
  • During the end of the Story Mission "How the Mighty Fall.", if 47 interrupts Lucas Grey's monologue to Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant by killing either one of them, Grey will stop his speech and remark about the anti climactic end of the two Providence Leaders.
  • When drowning some one in one of the many electric toilets scattered around the level, after the person has been killed the toilet will attempt to analyze what has been put into its bowl, with one of its remarks humorously stating "I am in doubt if you are actually human."
  • In the Storage Room right outside of the Server Room, there is a white board with a sticky note that says "Talk to Allan for Details!", this is an on going joke in the Hitman games starting from Hitman: Blood Money where an item called the "Kitchen Crate Holster." Use to hide weapons and illegal items would reveal that the in game description for it was not finished and that a developer had left a note in place of the description simply saying "Allan please add details"
  • One of the sticky notes on the same white board as before has the sentence "Just another guy who saw too many movies as a child", another note found around the levels many white boards has the words "Welcome to the party pal..." written on it, both of these notes are a reference to the classic 1988 movie "Die Hard"
    • It's possible these two references were made due to the movie taking mostly on a sky scraper just like Dubai
  • Another Sticky note found in the levels White boards has the words "Al or Din? Laddie?" Written on it, which is a direct reference to a line of dialog spoken by Robbin Williams acting as the Genie from the 1992 Disney animated movie "Aladdin"
  • While parachuting down, Grey admits to 47 he did not think this far ahead, and 47 dryly remarks "You never do", which in turn has Grey respond with a deadpan "Well, looks like someone's got their memory back". This exchange is likely a reference to when they both attempted to free the other Subjects from Ort-Meyer's Institute in the comic, but were overwhelmed by the increased security, something Grey did not account for, and were completely blindsided by the measures in place. In turn, Grey was forced to leave 47 behind, and lead to 47's memories being altered.
  • When exiting through the main elevator in the atrium, there is an occasional glitch where the player's character will not be seen inside, and instead only an empty elevator will be shown.
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