Orthmeyer's Keycard is an item found in Hitman: Contracts. It can be used to obtain the dual Gold Desert Eagles.


"This keycard seems like it belongs to Doctor Orthmeyer."

A blue keycard, Orthmeyer's Keycard can be used to access a blocked off part of the Asylum. Found in The Wang Fou Incident (in Lee Hong's office), it can be used to bypass a keycarded door, and when accessed will allow the player to get dual golden desert eagles.




  • As almost all things related to Dr. Ort-Meyer in Hitman: Contracts, his name is spelled incorrectly (most likely to go with the fact that Agent 47 is remembering events incorrectly).
  • Even though the map provided by the Agency for The Wang Fou Incident doesn't map anywhere around Lee Hong's office, the entire map is open and the player can traverse the entire restaurant, and the backyard area to get to his office. No guards are found past the restaurant.