Owen Cage is a target in mission Patient Zero, a bonus mission in HITMAN™. He is the sleeper agent of the doomsday cult "Liberation" and the one who develops the Nabazov virus.


Owen Cage is the idealistic eco-warrior, driven to extreme measures by what he perceives to be a relentless race towards environmental collapse, driven by a cabal of high-ranked Illuminati members, and coordinated by the Elders of Zion. He espoused his conspiracy theories under the internet name "Black Tide" on a range of internet message boards, before finally making contact with a cult, based in the Fergana region in Uzbekistan. Together with this cult he developed a plan to strike at one of the world's largest cities using a highly infectious hemorrhagic virus.


  • He was apparently planned to an elusive target; "The Rogue", according to a list of leaked elusive targets on the Hitman Reddit.
  • Due to him being delirious because of the Nabazov virus. He doesn't react to any distractions and will not spot 47 doing anything illegal.