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Owen Wagner (also known as "The Black Hat" or "Protagonist") is a black hat hacker that appeared as an Elusive target in HITMAN™ from August 26th, 2016 to August 29th, 2016, and later reappeared from March 9th to March 19th, 2018.

He reappeared as a legacy target in HITMAN™ 2 on March 29th 2019 - April 8th 2019.

He also reappeared as a legacy target in HITMAN TM III on June 4th 2021 - June 13th 2021.


Wagner is a shadowy legend in the modern world of information warfare. A brilliant computer security engineer, his unique skills have been linked to data theft and high-profile intrusions against multinational corporations, as well as nation states, for several years.

ICA files link him to a series of lesser-known hacks in support of the IAGO network. It is not clear whether he is working for IAGO for profit or whether spymaster Dalia Margolis has some leverage over him. Wagner has a long-term partner known as "Whitecap", though this individual is not a target. Additionally, intelligence points to the target having a weakness for a particular style of American-brand jam, most likely acquired while at a university in the United States.
― Target Intel


  • If one was to use the C++ featured in Wagner's teaser, they would get the text: "AVOID THE SECURITY CAMERA OUTSIDE THE DOOR AT ALL COSTS!" Strangely, even if you are detected by the camera, nothing will happen. The player can also still erase the tapes like normal.
  • The Jam that he likes is Orange Jam from the state of Alabama