Oyabun Knife is a melee weapon featured only in Hitman: Codename 47. It is the eastern counterpart of Pentagon Knife. It can only be purchased in Hong Kong missions. It is a traditional Japanese knife.


  • Training - In the melee weapons training area.

Comparison to Pentagon knife

Even though they share similar moveset and usage, some differences exist between them, such as:

  • Oyabun Knife can only be purchased in the first four missions set in Hong Kong (excluding Training). Subsequent missions replace it with Pentagon knife.
  • It costs $65, slightly more than Pentagon knife, which costs only $50.
  • It uses a different model, which is a bit shorter than Pentagon knife, however, it doesn't change the gameplay.


  • Oyabun (親分) means "boss" in Japanese and is traditionally used by the yakuza to refer their chiefs.