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Oybek Nabazov is a target in mission The Source, a bonus mission in HITMAN™. He is the leader of the doomsday cult "Liberation."


Oybek Nabazov is an Uzbek artist, and new-age guru. He is best known for his controversial art exhibition "Liberation," that highlights the intersection of life, death and rebirth as told through the lens of cult activity over the past half-century. In reality, Nabazov is what could be described as a serial cult leader. ICA analysts have linked him conclusively with seven mass cult suicides or atrocities over the past three decades. He has been the last man standing each time, leaving the ruins of the cult behind him, and going on to built a new cult and lead it to the tragic end.

Charismatic and convincing, Nabazov does not have the necessary organizational skills to coordinate of this complexity. Potentially related: analysis of his financial indicate a series of payments to apparently unrelated offshore companies for "consulting services." The ICA has been unable to determine the ownership of these companies.

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