The Palais de Walewska is a palace located on the Île Saint-Louis in Paris, France, and the main location for The Showstopper mission.

The palace was slightly reconstructed to host the Sanguine fashion show, but normally it is used as an art museum. There are four floors in total, including one underground. Outside the palace there is plenty of open space in all directions, mainly consisting of parks and gardens.


During The Showstopper, the Palais de Walewska was the host venue for a fashion show held by Sanguine, one of Europe's leading couture brands. In the mission, Agent 47 has to enter the mansion and kill Viktor Novikov along with his partner Dalia Margolis because they are leading an enigmatic spy ring that deals in the global elite's most valuable secrets called IAGO.

The palace is owned currently by Simone Larin, wife of Sergei Larin, the first elusive target.


On first floor, one can find the entrance, a cafe, a souvenir shop and a museum which were reconstructed so Sanguine could set up a stylist area, a catwalk and a bar lounge for their fashion show. It is where most of the guests are. The second floor contains space for the technicians and catering personal, also some rooms containing art stuff and the suite of Sheik Al-Ghazali. The third floor is the host of the secret IAGO auction, containing the auction room, a patio, some private rooms and the attic, where the CICADA security has set up a surveilliance camp. In the basement, one can find another security room with the CCTV system, a kitchen, changing rooms and wine storage rooms. Outside of the palace are some gardens, parking spaces and several entrances like the main entrance, the VIP entrance or the delivery entrance.




  • The sheik disguise is considered the best on the map due to it allowing free access to everywhere except the attic, basement security room and pavilion garden. There are also no enforcers accept the public enforcer in Hitman 2. The sheik can also pass through checkpoints without being frisked and can meet Margolis in her office where 47 can kill her.
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