The Partners were the secretive supreme leaders of Providence who are considered to be the most influential people in the world. They are overall secondary antagonists of the World of Assassination trilogy, first mentioned in HITMAN™, and debuted in HITMAN™ 2. They were all assassinated by Agent 47 in HITMAN™ III, and their former Constant and subordinate took over as leader.


The Partners formerly consisted of Marcus Stuyvesant, Carl Ingram, and Alexa Christine Carlisle who acted as both leaders and representatives for their eponymous dynasties, respectively. The first iteration of the group formed in 1945 was known to consist of Thomas Carlisle, Douglas Ingram, and Eckhart Stuyvesant.

According to Arthur Edwards, their former Constant, these three families--the Stuyvesants, the Ingrams, and the Carlisles --secretly pooled their resources over generations, which allowed them to effectively control the workings of the world. Indeed, Diana Burnwood refers to the Partners as "kingmakers."

The Partners' identities, and their very existence, are largely kept secret--even from high-ranking members of Providence. They communicate with their operatives via couriers known as "Heralds," as supervised by a Constant. In keeping with their anonymity, the Partners conferred with their Constant via virtual reality, broadcasting their digital signals to a suspended conference facility in an unknown mountainous region as of 2020. 

Later that year, all three Partners were assassinated by Agent 47--Stuyvesant and Ingram in Dubai, and Carlisle in Dartmoor.


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