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Patient Zero is the fourth and final mission of the Patient Zero HITMAN™ campaign.

As with the rest of the campaign, it is unclear of its place in the timeline, but is assumed that it is after the first campaign. It begins with 47 infiltrating the GAMA facility with the task to assassinate Owen Cage and Klaus Liebleid, as well as eliminate any additional infected bystanders.


  • Eliminate Owen Cage.
  • Eliminate Klaus Liebleid.
  • Eliminate additional infected targets.
  • Escape.


The developer of the virus, Owen Cage was recently found in an airport lounge performing a strange ritual. Soon after showing suspicious symptoms he was detained and sent to the GAMA facility in Hokkaido. All evidence shows that he infected himself. Quarintined in a high isolation facility in the hospital, the Ether corporation is observing and investigating Cage in an attempt to recreate the virus eventually. Dr Klaus Liebleid is the head researcher of the project and he recreating the virus could potentially kill thousands.
GAMA Facility, Hokkaido, Japan

Mission Briefing

The following contain spoilers. Click "show" to continue.

You have two targets.

First, Owen Cage, the rogue viral researcher responsible for the weaponization of the Nabazov virus.Cage was moved to the Hokkaido GAMA facility by Japanese authorities. All evidence indicates that he infected himself, intending to become Patient Zero.

He is currently being kept alive in isolation by your second target, Klaus Liebleid. An Ether Corporation scientist, Dr. Liebleid is trying to extract as much information about the virus as possible before Owen Cage dies.

We cannot allow Ether to succeed in reverse engineering the virus and profiting from it. Your task is simple, 47. Contain the virus by eliminating Cage and Liebleid. Whatever happens, the Nabazov virus must be destroyed. We must contain it here, no matter the cost.

I'll leave you to prepare.

Diana Burnwood





There is also no mastery tied to this level, as such, there are no Mission Mastery Points tied to this mission.

Type Key: A=Assassination; F=Feats
Name Type Description Reward
Suit Only A
  • Assassinate the targets and complete the mission.
  • Do it all in your suit.
Sniper Assassin A
  •  Complete "Patient Zero" .
  • Assassinate all targets with a sniper rifle.
  • Only kill the targets.
  • Do not get spotted.
  • If you are detected by cameras, erase or destroy the evidence.
Needle Work A Assassinate Owen Cage with a lethal injection dressed as Klaus Liebleid in the main surgery room. NA
Silent Assassin A
  • Complete "Patient Zero".
  • Only kill the targets.
  • No bodies found.
  • Do not get spotted.
  • If you are detected by cameras, erase or destroy the evidence.
No Evidence A
  • Complete "Patient Zero" with no bodies found.
  • If you are detected by cameras, erase or destroy the evidence.
Silent Assassin, Suit Only A
  • Complete "Patient Zero".
  • Only kill the targets.
  • No bodies found.
  • Do not get spotted.
  • If you are detected by cameras, erase or destroy the evidence.
  • Do it all in your suit.
Inferno A Assassinate Owen Cage and Klaus Liebleid using the incineration procedure without any other casualties. NA
Lucky Shot F
  • Contact the Nabazov Virus.
  • Cure 47 of the Nabazov Virus with 10 seconds or less remaining until 47's death.
No Rubber F Complete the mission without using a Hazmat Suit. NA
Containment F Complete the mission with no one being infected by Nabazov Virus. NA
You Know the Number F
  • Complete Patient Zero.
  • Kill at least 47 people infected with the Nabazov Virus besides Owen Cage.


There is no Mastery tied to this mission.




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