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Penelope Graves is one of Agent 47's targets in the HITMAN™ mission Freedom Fighters.


A former Interpol anti-terror analyst, Penelope Graves is the Colorado militia's new strategic advisor.

With an IQ in the upper 190s, Penelope was always an outsider meant for great things. She could speak fluently at the age of six months and studied college level physics at the age of five. However, she gravitated towards logics, game theory and criminal psychology.

After graduating from Cambridge she became a criminal profiler with the Metropolitan Police Service and later transferred to Interpol where she rose to become one of their most prolific anti-terror analysts. Here she briefly led the international manhunt against Sean Rose, the terrorist whose network she inexplicably now appears to have joined.

Our sources at Interpol deny that Graves should be involved in any sort of sting operation. However, according to rumors, Graves recently discovered evidence about systematic corruption and power abuse at the highest levels of the UN, only to be shut down by her superiors. Graves was allegedly disillusioned by the incident. A highly analytical thinker, she cares deeply about order and can't tolerate a broken system. This may very well be when she switched sides. But how she got in contact with Rose, or what shared cause or agenda might justify her betrayal, is as of yet unknown.

According to Graves' own psychological profile, she is not only exceptionally intelligent but also deeply empathetic. She nevertheless shows a distinct moral fluidity, making her able to make choices in the service of the greater good that normal people would shy away from. When confronted with the classic trolley problem, Graves would push the fat man onto the tracks without hesitation.

Graves could have been a formidable asset to the ICA. Alas, she has joined a ruthless terrorist organization, and a contract is a contract.
― Target Intel


  • Penelope Graves remains to be one of the most popular and fan-favorite targets of the series. Many fans show their disappointment that there's no further exploration in Graves' motive in the game, neither is an alternate choice to recruit Graves instead of eliminating her, nor an opportunity to cause her and Maya Parvati interacting each other.
  • Graves bears a resemblance to English actress Emma Watson.
  • Graves appears to be rather sympathetic towards Rose, despite his distaste for her. In her profile recordings, she suspects his lack of bond with the militia is most likely due to his upbringing, and expresses respect for his work ethic despite disliking his methods.
    • If the two encounter each other, Rose will believe that Graves deliberately refused to catch him while working for Interpol.
    • In a phone call with Alma Reynard, Rose will state that Graves has potential and expresses a desire for her to get past her "pedestrian sense of morality".
  • Her character may or may not have been based off of the Criminal Minds character, Penelope Garcia. Both are called Penelope G., are analysts, work for government agency (Graves Interpol and Garcia FBI) and both are empathetic, along with many other details.