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"Excellent choice for close man-to-man combat - handy and silent, when you wish to avoid detection"
Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer, commenting the Pentagon Knife, Training

The Pentagon Knife is a melee weapon featured in Hitman: Codename 47 and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. It is the western counterpart of Oyabun Knife and a specialist army knife. Costing only $50, it is the cheapest weapon in the series and much more useful than Fiber Wire, but eventually it is removed from subsequent games.


The blades are 440C high-carbon stainless steel constructed with a traditional style. Unlike Oyabun Knife, the blades are toothed.

Comparisons with Fiber Wire

  • As a bladed weapon, it can be used in two ways, slashing (frontal) and neck slicing (behind), whereas Fiber wire allows only strangulation from behind.
  • It is much cheaper, costing only $50, whilst Fiber wire costs $110.
  • The time required to kill a target is significantly lower than the fiber wire.
  • Being made of metal, it cannot be used in places equipped with metal detectors, such as in "Traditions of the Trade", meanwhile, the fiber wire can pass through without detection.

Codename 47

Silent Assassin

In Silent Assassin, the Pentagon Knife is renamed as Combat Knife, and is one of the games's least common weapons. Aside from a different name, the Combat Knife remains the same as its previous counterpart. It appears only in the following:



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