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Cone title

The Pine Cone Rehabilitation Center is the setting of the mission Flatline in Hitman: Blood Money. It is one of the best rehabilitation centers in North America known for its patient secrecy and is located in the Los Angeles countryside.

Many celebrities claimed the center has saved their lives, although its infamous quote, "We only discharge the clean and the dead" has led many people to believe that the patients who cannot be cured are killed.

Hitman: Blood Money

In the mission Flatline, Agent 47 is sent to the center to rescue Agent Smith and to kill Carmine DeSalvo, Lorenzo Lombardo, and Rudy Menzana, all three being members of organized crime. Agent 47 rescued Smith by using the Fake-death serum, and then applied the antidote after he was presumed dead and sent to the morgue.



  • During the mission, there are only male patients at the center.
  • The architecture of the building is meant to resemble that of Frank Lloyd Wright, though it could be an imitation.
  • Pine Cone is very similar to real-life California luxury rehab clinics like Passages and Promises, in that they cater to only 6-12 very wealthy clients and have celebrity alumni. However, they are known for their lenient policies as opposed to Pine Cone's very strict methods.
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