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The Plunger is a common tool used to remove stoppages in plumbing.


"A common device that is used to release stoppages in plumbing."

Plungers can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to strike a target head-on, smashing them in the head. They can also be used to sneak up on an unsuspecting target and strangle them with it. Alternatively, it may be thrown and used as a distraction.


Hitman: Absolution

  • Terminus: Various locations; in any of the restrooms.
  • Welcome to Hope: In the restroom, in one of the stalls.
  • Death Factory: In the "Descontamination" section, after the entry to the shower area.
  • Operation Sledgehammer: In the ending of "Hope Fair" location (church area), around the nearest house on the left.
  • Countdown: In the storeroom protected by the keypad.


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