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47 shoots Skurky (Point Shooting)

Point Shooting is a gameplay feature that was introduced in Hitman: Absolution, which allows Agent 47 to rapidly fire bullets into multiple targets.


Developers say that this gameplay feature is based on a real life technique used by special forces. Point Shooting will allow Agent 47 to rapidly disperse rounds from a firearm into multiple targets. During Point Shooting, the game speed will slow to a crawl, allowing the player to mark targets and release for an instant, cinematic kill.

However, to offset this unique feature so the player can still be challenged, the use of point shooting drains Instinct while the player is aiming, and the drain rate is so high that players must finish the marking in very short peroid of time. There are unlockable Assassin Techniques that lower the Instinct cost.


  • Point shooting doesn't return in HITMAN™ (2016), but pressing square/X/PC during instinct still made a clicking noise before an unknown patch. This has since been removed.