Poison in Hitman is used to describe a variety of poisonous substances in all of the games so far. It is usually used to poison food or drink. 

Hitman: Codename 47

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Poison appears in a few missions, most commonly simply as "Poison".

Hitman: Contracts

Poison appears in the following missions in Hitman: Contracts, most commonly as "Rat Poison":

Hitman: Blood Money

In Hitman: Blood Money, poison is replaced by the Poison Syringe, which is part of Agent 47's starting gear in almost all missions. It holds two doses and can be used as a melee weapon to inject the poison directly into the target's neck.

Hitman: Absolution

Poison can be found in different missions of Absolution. These include Fugu fish (containing a tetrodotoxin), an old, heavy metal based rat poison and a toxin derived from a Dendrobates Azureus frog. 

Additionally, in the Contracts Mode, the non-lethal Syringe and Sleeping Pills can be used to kill marked targets as if filled with poison.


Before starting the mission, it's possible to choose two different forms of poison; Syringes, which are used on personnel, and/or Poison Vials, which need to be administered to food/drinks. In addition, the levels often hold large amounts of Rat Poison, which, when administered to food, causes the intented target to go vomit on the nearest bathroom, trash can or ledge.


  • A Modern Lethal syringe is available to use from the start.
  • An Antique Lethal syringe is unlocked by completing all 5 Himmapan Horror challenges in Bangkok.
  • A modern Emetic syringe is unlocked by reaching level 5 of Colorado mastery.
  • An Antique Emetic syringe is unlocked by reaching level 10 of Sapinza Professional mastery.
  • A vial of Sedative Poison is unlocked by reaching level 11 of Paris mastery
  • A vial of Lethal Poison is unlocked by reaching level 10 of Sapienza mastery.
  • A vial of Emetic Poison is unlocked by reaching level 10 of Marrakesh mastery.
  • The Showstopper - Dalia Margolis carries two lethal poison vials; one is dropped on death/KO, and impersonating Helmut Kruger and meeting Dalia allows access to the other vial. (Possibly an oversight.)
  • A Gilded Cage - One lethal vial is kept on a table on the underground passage to the consulate, and another one is kept in Reza Zaydan's office in the school.
  • A House Built on Sand - A lethal poison vial is on a table at one of the meeting rooftop's entrances.
  • Club 27 - A lethal poison vial is in Room 104.
  • Freedom Fighters - A lethal syringe is hidden atop of a shelf on the basement, and Ezra Berg carries a lethal poison vial.
  • Situs Inversus - Fugu fish can be harvested once from the Gama's kitchen's freezer. Three bottles of Botulinum Toxin are kept in locked cabinets inside Jason Portman's room, an office in the hospital's top floor, and in a gym in the hospital. Both of these types of poison are lethal.