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The Private Militia (conjectural name as of yet) aka Freedom Fighters is an antagonistic group in HITMAN™ and HITMAN™ 2. They are the Shadow Client's private "army" in his war against Providence.


The Private Militia aka Freedom Fighters is an illegal union of mercenaries, former intelligence operatives, ex-soldiers, freelancers, terrorists, activists, hackers and criminals who united under the leadership of the ICA's "Shadow Client", former mercenary Lucas Grey. He and top lieutenant Sean Rose moved their previous HQ to an abandoned apricot farm in rural Colorado. The militia has been involved in international incidences of assault, fraud, manipulation and more, just for one cause: bringing down Providence, the "global elite".

The militia began recruiting at some point prior to their kidnapping and assassination of American media mogul and Providence operative, Thomas Cross, in order to loot $3 billion from his accounts to fund their operations. During Freedom Fighters, it is revealed that they were also planning attacks on the Mexican Secretary of the Interior, Gustavo Torres, and Biosphere CEO Simon Deveraux, both Providence operatives as well.

In the month following the killing of Thomas Cross, the militia carried out the killing of shipping mogul Rex Larsson in Montreal, as well as the murders of dozens of other Providence CEOs all around the world. Shortly after the killing of Larsson, the militia cell in New Zealand, under the leadership of Alma Reynard, carried out the kidnapping of Dynasty Global VP Lance Donovan's family in Wellington. Reynard then blackmailed Donovan into pushing Dynasty's CEO, Rupert Pierce, off the top of their HQ in London, to his death. Lucas Grey himself staged an attack on Ether HQ and kidnapped Neleis De Waal, CEO of Ether. The militia used de Waal to expose the existence of Providence to the world.

However, during that time, Providence hired the ICA to stop the militia and the militia suffered several loss of operatives such as Sean Rose, Alma Reynard, and Wazir Kale. In the end, when Lucas Grey reunited with 47, he sent a message via the dark web and ordered the militia to be disbanded.

Several ex-militia operatives, most notably Orson Mills, were interrogated by Providence operatives.


Member Roles Organization Professions Status
Lucas Grey Leader/Assassin

Olivia Hall Leader of the Cyber-division/Second-in Command
  • Hacktavist
  • Hacker
Noel Crest Operative Unknown Alive
Orson Mills High-ranking operative/Pointman CICADA (Formerly)
  • Mercenary
Sean Rose Demolition Expert/Leader of the Western Cell/Lieutenant
  • Sons of Solidarity (Formerly)
  • Pristine Army (Formerly)
  • Sons of Solidarity member (Formerly)
  • Pristine Army member (Formerly)
  • Eco-Terrorist
  • Bomb Maker
Penelope Graves Strategic Advisor/Lieutenant Interpol (Formerly) Interpol Anti-Terror Analyst (Formerly) Deceased
Ezra Berg Interrogator/Lieutenant Mossad (Formerly) Mossad Interrogator (Formerly) Deceased
Maya Parvati Instructor/Lieutenant Tamil Tigers (Formerly)
  • Tamil Tigers member (Formerly)
  • Pirate
  • Assassin
  • Gunrunner
Richard M. Foreman Infiltrator Grifter Unknown
Pertti Järnefelt Bookkeeper Accountant Unknown
Alma Reynard Assassin/Lieutenant Pristine Army (Formerly)
  • Pristine Army member (Formerly)
  • Eco-Terrorist
  • Assassin
Lloyd Burgess Pointman Determinant
Finn Jacobs Hacker Hacker Determinant
Issac Kay Hacker Hacker Determinant
Greg Barnes Hacker Hacker Determinant
Joshua Trumbo Hacker Hacker Determinant
Luke Poole Hacker Hacker Determinant
Matthew Robertson Technician Determinant
Robert Powell Cook/Operative Determinant
Marcham Psychiatrist Alive
Patrick Morgan Operative CICADA -

The Sarajevo Six


The Sarajevo Six Tactical Lead (Formerly)

  • Mercenary
Gerard Mann Security/Operative Determinant
Wazir Kale Strike Team Leader/Leader of the Eastern Cell/Lieutenant
  • Pirate
Around 200 operatives more Operatives
  • Mercenaries
  • Ex-intelligence operatives
  • Ex-soldiers
  • Terrorists
  • Activists
  • Hackers
  • Criminals

Militia Types

Types Roles Image
Militia Elite Special Security Unit
Militia Spec Ops Special Assault Unit
Point man.jpg
Militia spec ops.jpg
Militia Soldier Low Level Unit
Milita Explosives Specialist Demolition Unit
Militia Technician Technician Unit
Militia Hacker Cyber/Analyst Unit
Militia Bodyguard Security Unit


Names Organizations Roles Profession Status
Rico Delgado Financer



Moreno Cartel enforcer (Formerly)

Delgado drug cartel leader

Viktor Novikov Employer/Informant Real Estate Agent

Career Criminal

IAGO Financier

Sanguine Owner

Dawood Rangan Strike team under The Maelstrom
  • The Crows Enforcer/Financier (Formerly)
  • Pirate (Formerly)
  • Mob Boss
  • Film Producer
Vanya Shah Strike team under The Maelstrom
  • The Crows Enforcer/Info Gatherer (Formerly)
  • Pirate (Formerly)
  • Informant
Robert Knox Informant Inventor

CEO of Kronstadt Industries

Providence Operative (Formerly)

Sierra Knox Informant Inventor

CFO of Kronstadt Industries


Providence Operative (Formerly)