The Propane Tank (known in HITMAN™ as the "Explosive Propane Flask") is an object found in Hitman: Blood Money and HITMAN™.


Hitman: Blood Money

The propane tank makes it first appearance in Blood Money. It is blue in color with a flammable sign on its side. When shot at, the tank violently explodes, killing or injuring anyone nearby. Its explosion is similar to that of an RU-AP mine.

In the mission Flatline, the propane tank on the second floor of the clinic can be sabotaged, causing it to explode when used by a target.


It later reappears in HITMAN™. The tank is colored gray, with no visible markings anywhere. Unlike in Blood Money, it can be picked up by the player. Like Blood Money, the tank explodes when shot at.


Hitman: Blood Money

  • Curtains Down - Found near the worker painting a door. A few more are stored down at the basement.
  • Flatline - One can be found in Lorenzo Lombardo's room, which can be sabotaged. Another one is located in the kitchen downstairs.




  • In reality, propane tanks do not explode when shot by firearms.
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