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Providence is an extremely powerful, and supposedly ancient, secretive cabal that controls all of the world's affairs. They appear in HITMAN™ and HITMAN™ 2 as true main antagonistic group. It is led by The Partners and the base Is a meeting secret facility hanging over the mountains.

Description and Beliefs

Providence is described by Diana Burnwood as an organization of "kingmakers" who control world affairs. After 47 discovers the tornado bunker of the Shadow Client, he first learns about the existence of this "Hidden Hand". Their existence is so unknown to the rest of the world that even Agent 47 and Diana only knew of it as a hypothetical. According to the Shadow Client's link chart, their membership includes extremely high-profile politicians, media moguls, businesspeople and even clergymen.

When Diana Burnwood encountered Arthur Edwards, the Constant, on a train, he stated that Providence has been around for a "long long time", suggesting that they are ancient.


Providence's Origins

According to the Constant, Mr. Edwards, Providence began centuries ago with three wealthy dynasties called the Ingrams, the Carlisles and the Stuyvesants. These dynasties began secretly pooling their money and resources for many generations, which led to the birth of a cabal. With the recruitment of Janus, a legendary Soviet Union KGB agent, Providence was born.


The fact that out of all the people in the world, even Agent 47 and the ICA believed that Providence was nothing more than a hypothetical myth indicates that Providence has at the very least the means to stay hidden from people who usually spy on spies, to remain out of the public and to take serious precautions to keep their secrecy.

Despite them taking absolute measures to ensure their secrecy, their existence was discovered by the Shadow Client , who wages war against them as revenge for their involvement in Ort-Meyer's project.

HITMAN™ Events

The Shadow Client has waged a war against them, starting with the death of Eugene Cobb, his former employer. Following that, Grey even went as far as to create his own private militia and manipulate the ICA, specifically his "old friend" Agent 47, into killing off Providence's members discretely. Providence was also secretly funding Ether Corporation to create the Ether Virus, a DNA tracking biological agent which kills people discretely. While being indirectly contracted by the Shadow Client, 47 managed to infiltrate and destroy Providence's schemes across Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh and Bangkok.

Erich Soders, a high ranking ICA official who was actually an informant of Providence, manipulated the ICA into sending 47 to eliminate the top lieutenants of the Shadow Client's militia at an Apricot farm in Colorado. The Shadow Client escapes, but the evidence he leaves behind points the ICA towards Providence's members across the globe as well as the fact that Erich Soders is a Providence mole.

Angered by Erich Soders' betrayal, the ICA contracts 47 to infiltrate the GAMA hospital in Hokkaido, where Erich Soders will be utilizing regenerative stem cell treatments for a heart transplant. Once there, under the ICA's orders, 47 eliminates Erich Soders and his Providence accomplice, Yuki Yamazaki,

HITMAN™ 2 Events

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Leading Members

Member Profession Status
Carl Ingram Partner/Leader Alive
Madam Carlisle Partner/Leader Alive
Marcus Stuyvesant Partner/Leader Alive
Cornelia Stuyvesant Member of the Stuyvesants Alive
Arthur Edwards Constant (Second-in-command) Defected/Alive

Known Heralds

Heralds are the couriers of Providence, getting orders from the Partners, and giving them to the Providence operatives.

Member Profession Status
William Candler Herald Unknown
Hajun Herald Deceased
Mikhail Herald Unknown
Kadir Herald Unknown
Yuki Yamazaki Former Yakuza lawyer/Herald Deceased
Nolan Cassidy Former Secret Service member/Herald Deceased
Frank Schmidt Herald Deceased

Known Members

Member Profession Status
Akira Nakamura GAMA director Alive
Blue Seed CEO CEO of Blue Seed Pharmaceuticals Deceased
Byron Washington III CEO of the Pax Mundus Foundation Alive
Charles Vanderblathe Dutch shipping billionaire Deceased
Claus Hugo Strandberg CEO of AMB Deceased
Danziger Insurance mogul Deceased
Director Fanin CEO of Milton-Fitzpatrick Alive
Erich Soders ICA board member (Formerly) Deceased
Erik Olander Consul for the Consulate General of Sweden in Marrakesh, Morocco Alive
Eugene Cobb CEO of Milton-Fitzpatrick Deceased
Esteban Montoya Leader of the Moreno cartel Alive
Gustavo Torres Mexican Secretary of the Interior Unknown
Janus Former Constant (Second-in-command) Deceased
Ling Chi Construction conglomerate CEO Deceased
Neleis De Waal CEO of Ether Deceased
Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer Scientist Deceased
Rex Larsson Shipping mogul Deceased
Reza Zaydan Moroccan general Deceased
Robert Knox CEO Kronstadt Industries Defected/Deceased
Rupert Pierce CEO of Dynasty Global Deceased
Sierra Knox CFO of Kronstadt Industries Defected/Deceased
Silvio Caruso Ether bio-engineer Deceased
Francesca De Santis Ether scientist Deceased
Simon Deveraux CEO of Biosphere Unknown
Sophia Washington Ancient relics hunter/Chairwoman of the Ark Society Deceased
Thomas Cross CEO of Cross Holdings Deceased
Tim Quinn CEO of Quantum Leap Unknown
Vera San Martin Retail giant Deceased
Zoe Washington Ancient relics hunter/Chairwoman of the Ark Society Deceased

Resources and Influence

Providence as a mythical shadow government organization, has nearly inexhaustible financial resources. They also have access to the best intellectuals in the world, the most influential politicians in their ranks and even terrorist organizations are employed by them.

Their position allows them access to the best technological resources of the world, from regenerative treatments to advanced robotics. They were even the ones who funded Ort-Meyer's genetic engineering programs to engineer human clones with increased natural attributes.

Affiliated Organizations

Organization Role CEO/Leader
Ark Society Zoe and Sophia Washington
Biosphere Simon Deveraux
Blue Seed Pharmaceuticals Unknown
Cross Holdings Thomas Cross
Dynasty Global Rupert Pierce
Ether Biotech Corporation Neleis De Waal
Hamsun Oil Unknown
International Contract Agency Unknown
Kronstadt Industries Robert Knox
Milton-Fitzpatrick Mr. Fanin
Moreno Cartel Esteban Montoya
Pax Mundus Foundation Byron Washington III
Quantum Leap Tim Quinn