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The Proximity Mine is an proximity sensing explosive made by Marcus Green, an employee of Dexter Industries.


"A powerful anti-vehicle mine. Explodes on proximity, when armed."

Proximity mines are unique in the fact that they are proximity based. They can be manually placed or thrown along a target's route ahead of time, allowing the assailant to be well clear of the blast zone when it detonates. When armed, they have approximately a 6-foot trigger radius. They become armed when thrown, or when manually triggered. They may also be used as a melee weapon, but note that three seconds after hitting a target with it, it will detonate and kill 47 if he's still holding it. The mine is very powerful, if 47 is in blast damage range when the mine goes off, there is a good chance that he can be killed, even when he is in full health.

There are two different styles of proximity mines. The first is a dark green, and the second is a light green. The only difference is their appearance.

The proximity mine appears in the Blake Dexter ICA File trailer, both in a commercial from the Dexter Industries Home Shopping Network, which sells them as home protection devices for $499.90 per unit, and in test reports which states that the explosive charge is made of tetryl.


Hitman: Absolution

  • Dexter Industries: Right in the beginning of Dead End, there's one in the room that needs the keycard to be unlocked. At the factory compound, in the small room accessible through the ladder on the roof. Some are also in the display room.
  • Death Factory: In the office of mine testing area, one can be assembled and used by 47. 
  • Operation Sledgehammer: In the sniper's nest.
  • Blackwater Park: In the penthouse, on display in various locations.
  • Countdown: Placed in large numbers, can be avoided or use instinct to pass them.


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