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Pushkin Building is a location in St. Petersburg, Russia. It is the setting of the missions St. Petersburg Stakeout and St. Petersburg Revisited.


It is a symmetrical two-floor building consisting of left and right wing. There are two entrances, a two-door entrance in the front guarded by FSB bodyguards and an unguarded back door.

The left wing of the first floor is the place where guards are stationed, and also the place The Generals will run to when they are alerted. In the second floor of the left wing is a meeting room, used once by The Generals and Sergei Zavorotko in St. Petersburg Stakeout. The right wing is unused in both missions it is featured in.



  • A window in the meeting room of the left wing is open in both missions it is featured in.
  • The building served as the former FSB Headquarters.