Richard J. Magee (also known as "The Guru") is the 16th elusive target in the 2016 release HITMAN™. He appeared in the mission World of Tomorrow from December 16th to December 23rd, 2016. The target then reappeared from March 24th to April 2nd, 2018.


"Richard Magee is a self-help guru and counselor to the rootless second and third-generation billionaires of the world. He combines a fatherly attitude with a strong understanding of manipulative psychology to drive wedges between inter-vivos-fund babies and their parents and he makes an excellent living in doing so.
Several of his protégés are former members of the Church of Ascendants, though that organization does not seem to be directly involved in Magee's activities."
― In-Game Briefing


  • While Magee himself must be killed, the Client's son and the Client's Lawyer must not be touched.
  • Despite being the 16th elusive target to appear in the original release, The Guru re-appeared as the 9th target during the reactivations. Although no official statement was made, the reactivation lined up with the release of the Hitman Spring Pack[1]. It is believe that iOi simply wanted an elusive target that took place in Sapienza, Italy to be available for players new to the Spring Pack.


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