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Richard M. Foreman (also known as "The Chameleon") is the 18th elusive target in HITMAN™. He first appeared in the mission Freedom Fighters from January 13th, 2016 to January 20th, 2016, and was reactivated from July 2nd, 2018 to July 9th, 2018.

He was later reactivated as a legacy elusive target in HITMAN™ 2 from August 2nd, 2019 to August 13th, 2019.


Richard M. Foreman is a chameleon without compare. An American by birth, he is a highly successful confidence trickster, as well as a very confidence actor. Most recently, he impersonated billionaire Charles Vanderblathe for almost a month. During this time he participated in two annual general meetings and hosted a reception at the Vanderblathe estate in New England. He also siphoned almost a hundred million dollars from the family accounts before vanishing and leaving the family to face charges of insider trading, and a complex legal morass that promises to continue for years to come.

The Client requires that the Target be eliminated in a manner that will resemble a non-suspicious accident. As the Colorado militia camp is a highly alert area, you should avoid using any explosive accidents. You are advised to make use of falls, drownings or other accidental approaches, instead."
― In-Game Briefing



  • Foreman is the first elusive target with a kill condition attached. He must be killed in a non-explosive accident.
  • Foreman is taking part in a secret operation, named Operation Highball, which seems to be about him impersonating an Air Force general named Robert James Cobb to steal nuclear weapons from an unknown base. The operation is alluded to by two NPCs near the water tower during Freedom Fighters, in which Foreman was to lead them into Ellsworth Air Force base in South Dakota.
  • If 47 gets rid of the hacker who is helping him in impersonating the general, Foreman will go to the balcony to smoke a cigarette, providing an opportunity to push him.
  • Despite being American-born, Foreman speaks with an English accent.
  • Despite his reported penchant for disguise, Foreman is never shown impersonating anyone within the mission, and has the same in-game appearance as he does in the briefing.
  • Foreman's outfit has a striking resemblance to the USAF service dress, which is worn by senior officers.
  • Eliminating Foreman with poison and drowning also counts as a non-explosion accident.