Rick Henderson is the reporter that interviews Alexander Leland Cayne about the White House Attack.


Early life

Little is known about Henderson's early life apart from the fact that he is considered to be a very prominent journalist. He covers stories for the 1st edition Newspaper. 

Hitman: Blood Money

He comes to interview Cayne about the White House attack, but Cayne starts talking about Agent 47 and the contract killings he commits from the level A Vintage Year to the final mission Amendment XXV. Initially, Henderson doesn't trust Cayne when he narrates the story, but when he sees 47's body being readied for cremation, Rick is surprised. 

He appeared in all intermission cutscenes along with Cayne.


47 later kills Rick alongside everyone else in the mission Requiem at the funeral when the antidote kicks in, although he will run away shortly after 47 starting to kill the guards, Diana locked the gate to prevent their escape.


He is a white male with short brown hair and he wears glasses. He has a pink shirt, purple tie and blue trousers.



  • If cornered by 47, Henderson will plead "Your secret's safe with me. I swear to God, I won't tell a soul!" But as he says this, you can see an audio recorder in his hand.
  • He is the second reporter to appear in the Hitman series, the first is the Reporter in 47's flashbacks.