Rico Delgado (also known as The Boss) is a target that appears in the Three-Headed Serpent mission in HITMAN™ 2.


"Rico Delgado is the dictatorial head of the Delgado Cartel, a supremely successful family-based drug cartel based in Colombia. Rico uses his ruthless nature and personal charm to sway the minds of adversaries and partners alike, favoring the old ways of offering people the choice between silver and lead.

Rico Delgado grew up with his younger brother Hèctor in the volatile cartel business during the early 90's. Rico was quickly chosen to be the successor of his father, though he had to postpone that plan when the Colombian government cracked down hard on the cartels. Rico had to flee the family estate with his mother and younger brother when the military started bombing the compound and just days later, he would see pictures of his dead father in the newspapers and the hurt on his mother's face.

Living with his mother's relatives in Santiago and spending summers with his uncle Fernando, who ran the infamous Delgado Cartel out of his old vineyard, Rico eventually decided he needed to go back home to Colombia to rebuild his father's empire. What met him was a ruin but the people in the nearby village all remembered the good Don Delgado and what he had done for the villagers. The locals helped Rico rebuild parts of the Delgado mansion grounds, and he also discovered that the locals had kept on growing the local coca fields. With things in progress, Rico started on a plan to rebuild the Delgado empire. Determined to bring the Delgado name back to its glory days, Rico saw the rebuilding of his family empire as his primary objective in life.

With the occasional assistance of his younger brother Hector, and the full-time support of his uncle Fernando's adopted daughter Andrea Martinez, Rico Delgado quickly liaised with the Delgado family's connections and old smugglers, rebuilding the network from the ground up. To begin with, the trio focused on various types of contraband to keep under the radar and to build up a solid logistics network, but he soon got back into drugs as well. In 2009, Rico Delgado got in touch with his uncle's old chemist and brought him to Colombia and together they started a new production line, hidden away in the nearby jungles."
― In-Game Briefing


  • On the phone conversation with Grey, Rico was seeking revenge against anyone who is responsible for his uncle and cousin's death. Besides his vengeance, Rico still on the ongoing war with the Moreno. Using the Grey's militia would benefit Rico in the long run if it weren't for 47's contract mission on himself.