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The Rieper 2000 Pro Nail Gun, or Nailer for short, is a nail gun used by construction workers, usually assigned to renovate places.


It is a standard battery-powered nail gun that fires 15 gauge nails. Due to it not being designed to be a weapon, it inflicts very low damage on NPCs and has a low rate of fire. Despite this, it seems to be fairly accurate and long-ranged (even more so than the Snub Nosed).


  • Curtains Down - Used by workers directly underneath the stage.
  • A New Life - In the basement.
  • Amendment XXV - On the top floor of the central wing, two workers will be seen using them.



  • In real life, most modern nail guns have safety features which prevent them from being used as a deadly weapon.
  • Its nails (both missed and hit) are counted as shots fired in the newspaper.
  • Despite its large magazine capacity, it is the weakest ranged weapon in the game, requiring over 20 shots on the torso to kill. Headshots, however, is an instant kill.
  • If Agent 47 is wearing a worker's uniform while holding it, the guards will ignore him, unless he fires it.
  • Workers who are holding the nailer will not attempt to shoot 47 with it if threatened, and will instead either flee or surrender.
  • It will never run out of batteries, no matter how many times it is used.
  • Despite being relatively quiet, each shot can alert nearby guards like an unsilenced firearm even if the nearby construction workers are are also using a nailer, so it is unsuitable for serious missions.
  • The IO-Interactive Logo can be seen in the slide when viewed at a closer angle.
  • It's the only weapon in the game which can be brought to other missions, but is not displayed at the hideout.
  • Though the weapon is classified as a melee weapon in the pre-mission inventory, it behaves like a handgun in-game.
  • If the nailer is used for most of the mission, in newspaper report, it will show it's real name: "Rieper 2000 Pro Nail gun" and the type of nails: "15 Gauge Nails".