Rinat S. Rumyantsev is the first of four targets Agent 47 has to eliminate in Russia. He was a former KGB officer during the time of the Soviet Union, and became an armsdealer dealing with nuclear weapons after the fall of said Soviet Union.


Rinat S. Rumyantsev originally was a KGB officer during the Soviet Union. Being underpaid, understaffed and under equipped, he collaborated with the underworld just to make ends meet. After the crumbling of the Kremlin, he no longer could rely on a corrupt system to protect him from retaliating forces and individuals who were suppressed and harassed during the Communist era.

Now corruption, not control, rules the country. And Rumyantsev still had connections high in the nomenklatura (members of the government elite), evading any consequences for his actions.

Around 2002, Rumyantsev and three other ex-KGB officers (now Generals), cut a deal with the local crime boss, of one of the biggest mafia organizations. The commodity these officers usually trade in is arms - of all kinds and quantities, - as well as access to nuclear weapons...

Unknowingly to him and his comrades, their partner doublecrossed them and ordered the ICA to take care of them, one by one, starting with him.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

47 and Diana Burnwood are forced to find out his identity on site during the assassination. He is confirmed to be right handed, bald, a non-smoker and a heavy drinker.



He wears a standard Russian military uniform, and among the four generals, he is highly recognized with his grey moustache, also, as described by Diana Burnwood, he is bald.


  • There is a joke involving the general. The glass he is drinking during the meeting and by which 47 identifies him, as he is said to drink a lot, turns out to be a glass of water - an inventory item you can pick up after killing him.
  • His name is revealed on the old Hitman 2 website.
  • His name is mentioned in the special thanks in the end of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin's credits