"Birdie has sold out Victoria to save his own life. Part of me understands. This was never his fight. I shall deal with him later. For now, all that matters is the girl. I must get to her before Wade and take her somewhere safe. Nobody will stand in my way."
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Rosewood is the sixth mission in Hitman: Absolution. It consists of three segments: Victoria's Ward, Orphanage Halls, and Central Heating.

Mission Information

Agent 47 returns to Rosewood Orphanage to pick up Victoria, but soon after he arrives, Wade and a small army of henchmen attack the orphanage. 47 sends his friend, Sister Mary, who runs the orphanage, to the basement. 47 brings Victoria to an elevator but the power fails and he is forced to go around the orphanage collecting fuses to restore power to the elevator. He is successful, and the elevator descends to the basement, where Wade and Lenny Dexter capture Victoria and Sister Mary. While being taunted by Wade, Lenny Dexter accidentally shoots and kills Sister Mary, which makes Wade proud, and 47 furious. 47 then hunts Wade and incapacitates him. Lenny escapes with Victoria by holding her hostage with a grenade. 47 searches Wade's body, and finds a clue, a matchbook from the bar The Great Balls of Fire in Hope, South Dakota. 47 also takes the keys to Wade's car and leaves him to die.


  • Recover the fuses
  • Restore power
  • Hunt Wade
  • Eliminate Wade



  • Aries 24-7 - Player starts with this and carried by some henchmen.
  • Aries Charging Ram - Carried by the henchman that is going to kill the security guard, carried by the head henchman and on the desk in the room near the cafeteria where one of the fuses are.
  • M590 12ga - On the ground near the dead security guard in the chapel and one of the henchman near the exit carries this.
  • SA .44 Auto - Carried by Wade. Can be picked up quickly after he is killed.
  • Zug TMP - Carried by some henchmen and in various locations in the basement.

Melee Weapons

  • Book - In various locations around the level.
  • Bottle - In various locations around the basement.
  • Fire Axe - Leaning on the door in the room directly down the hall from the start and on the floor in one of the rooms near the first floor medical lab.
  • Fire Extinguisher - In the room across from the exit and in the first floor medical lab.
  • Gasoline Can - Near the reception desk on the first floor.
  • Knife - In a room on the top floor; on a box in the basement; on the desk in the room near the cafeteria where one of the fuses are; on a table in the first room of the basement.
  • Syringe - On the table in the medical lab on the top floor and first floor.
  • Toy Robot - In one of the rooms near the first floor medical lab.




For instructions to complete a specific challenge, click the corresponding image; or for a comprehensive instructions list, see Rosewood challenges
Icon Name Description
Chameleon Challenge Chameleon Pick up the disguises.
Evidence Collector Challenge Evidence Collector Find the evidence.
Infiltrator Challenge Infiltrator Avoid getting spotted.
Suit Only Challenge Suit Only Avoid using disguises.
Good Samaritan Challenge Good Samaritan The enemy of my enemy is my friend. (Kill the 2 men interrogating the Security Guard before they can kill him)
Out Of Fuse Challenge Out of Fuse Don't blow anyone's fuse. (Collect all the fuses while remaining unseen)
Playing With Balls Challenge Playing With Balls It's always crowded at the bottom. (Hide 5 bodies in the Ball Pit)
Face Off Challenge Face Off Set the record straight. (Kill Wade by using the valve to burn him)
The Mercenary Challenge The Mercenary Complete "Rosewood."
Subtle Injection Part I Challenge Subtle Injection - Part I You will feel a tiny prick. (Subdue/Kill 3 henchmen with the Syringe)
Subtle Injection Part II Challenge Subtle Injection - Part II You will feel a tiny prick. (Subdue/Kill 4 henchmen with the Syringe) Challenge Locked
Subtle Injection Part III Challenge Subtle Injection - Part III You will feel a tiny prick. (Subdue/Kill 5 henchmen with the Syringe) Challenge Locked
Mastery Rosewood Challenge Mastery: Rosewood They crossed the line. And you crossed them out. (Complete all challenges for this mission)




6. Rosewood - Part I - Hitman Absolution

Hitman Absolution - Rosewood

Hitman Absolution - Rosewood


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