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The Rubber Duck Explosive is a remote and proximity controlled explosive in HITMAN™.


The rubber duck is an explosive that comes in three variants: red and pale being remote explosives, and yellow being proximity explosive.

  • The Pale Duck is unlocked by owning the HITMAN™ - Requiem Blood Money Pack DLC.
    • This pack was received by pre-ordering the game, and is now received by buying the physical copy of HITMAN™ (also known as the "Steelbook Edition"), or as a separate purchase as of January 31st, 2017.
  • The Yellow Duck is unlocked by reaching level 20 of Sapienza Mastery.
  • The Red Duck is unlocked by reaching level 15 of Marrakesh Mastery.

Unlike normal explosives, The ducks are not considered suspicious during frisking, and they will not be disarmed if found by guards, thus allowing them to be detonated when carried by someone else. Like normal explosives however, they cannot be hidden on cameras. Being Rubber Ducks, they do not possess the ability to stick to most surfaces and can only be placed on the floor.