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Rudy Menzana is an Italian-American mafioso, and primarily an arms dealer working out of Central America. He could be the primary target in mission Flatline if Agent Smith hands his photo to 47.


A long time organizer of the illegal aliens traffic across the Mexican border to the US. Rudy is just about a household name on both sides of the border, when it comes to delivering drugs, weapons or 1 dollar-per-hour manpower.

But with dwindling goodwill from his good fellows and a huge price on his head, his days are numbered and he knows it. Undergoing treatment in the clinic is more or less a last ditch attempt at hiding from the growing number of bounty hunters. Ironically, in here he's developed a dependency on alcohol to escape the horror in his head. - Hitman: Blood Money


Menzana is a 60 year old caucasian male weighing 160 lbs and is standing at 6,1 ft. He has short black hair, and has both a moustache and soul patch. He also wears a pink patients robe.


He does not actually need any help at all within the rehabilitation clinic, and is there only to evade his inevitable death. He is very relaxed and even suggests just shutting his eyes during his therapy session.

When speaking to Menzana during a therapy session he states,
"So I don't exactly remember where we was talkin' about last time? Not that it matters. 'Specially on account that I wasn't talking to you, was I. Who was that guy? That's alright, it's nice to talk. I like a good conversation but I'm just gonna shut my eyes for a minute here, alright?"
His way of coping with his paranoia at the clinic is through alcohol, which has ironically sprouted as a minor substance abuse.



  • Unlike the other two targets in this mission, when approached about the therapy session he responds very calmly and even tells 47 to take his time arriving while the other two become hostile and stressed by 47.
  • Menzana talks in an amusingly thick New York accent.
  • He looks very young for his age as he hasn't started graying or becoming bald during the mission.