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Rutgert Van Leuven was the president of the Flaming Windmills motorcycle gang, which under his leadership expanded into an international criminal organization, mainly operating out of a private compound in Rotterdam, where his gang counterfeited U.S currency.

Hitman: Contracts

Appearing in the mission Rendezvous in Rotterdam, Rutgert Van Leuven has obtained some incriminating photographs of the mayor of Rotterdam which he auctions on the black market, accepting a bid from a journalist. The mayor initially contracts private investigator Klaas Teller to retrieve the photographs, which are being held in a safe inside the Flaming Windmills' private compound. Teller is captured by the gang, however, and is chained up in the basement of the compound and subjected to electroshock torture. Agent 47 is then given the objective of infiltrating the gang's compound, assassinating both van Leuven and Teller, and retrieving the photographs. If 47 is able to steal the money from the journalist but still allow him to meet Van Leuven in his office, Van Leuven will shoot and kill said journalist with a Gold Desert Eagle for coming to the meeting without the money.

The gang operated in a large compound made up of entertainment rooms, offices, torture rooms, waiting rooms, a gun range, tattoo parlour, garages and a warehouse where counterfeit US dollar bills are produced. They also own or frequent a strip club near the Rotterdam docks.